The Garth Brooks Tour Is Underway, Get Your Tickets To The Show Today!

Garth is doing something very special with this year’s shows. He’s not announcing very many dates ahead of time, he only lets his fans know when he will be in their city maybe a month prior. And you can be sure that the tickets always sell out fast once he schedules a show. That’s why it’s important to purchase tickets as soon as you can.

All Currently scheduled shows are below

Here you can see every show that Brooks has been kind enough to announce ahead of time.

Details On The Current Concerts

Garth has already been playing shows for a good part of 2015. There are going to be many chances left to see one of countries greatest legends play in person. If you see that he’s already scheduled a show in your city, and you want to see him play, be sure to buy your seats to. It’s not going to be easy to see the show if you wait too long. And it’s very rare that Garth Brooks has been back to a city to play encore shows after he’s already visited.

Lucky for all us fans out there, he is planning to continue touring for the rest of 2015, all of 2016, and he will finally end his current tour sometime in 2017. This gives all of us plenty of chances to be able to see our favorite country star play live.

He just put out some more dates for Texas. So far that’s as far out as we know as far as his precise schedule goes. So we only have a schedule up until July. This even includes a live concert during the Fourth of July, one of the USA’s biggest holidays. If you make your move soon, you can still get a ticket for a very fair price. The cheaper tickets are going to be purchased very fast, so don’t procrastinate.

Pretty much every venue where Garth has played has been a total sellout. So far on his current tour, his total ticket sales are already into the millions. He is announcing his shows in a very particular way this year. He’s not putting out 100 dates in advance that span five or six months. He pretty much only has dates scheduled for about one month to two months in advance. Once he’s finished playing those shows, he announces more dates.

This is a great strategy for keeping all the fans on their toes and checking back on his website regularly for new venues. In addition to playing tons of sold-out shows, he has been smashing records all over the nation. Let’s take Knoxville for example. In the history of the city, the most tickets that were ever sold for a single show was just over 48,000. Brooks set a brand-new record, beating the previous one by about 300 tickets. So not only do these shows constantly sellout, he sets numbers so high that the venues have never even seen a capacity like this.

Another interesting aspect of his concerts is that he is performing with his wife Tricia Yearwood. She needs no introduction as she is also a huge country star on her own. This is quite an interesting set up. It’s very rare that you see two stars who are married and touring together!

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